Thursday, January 30, 2014

Has life thrown you a curve ball?

Does the world seem more painful than peaceful?   Has life thrown you a curve ball?  Is someone you love crushed with suffering?

               Together let's explore what God teaches us in His Word about suffering and pain.  As we take this journey together, we will ask God to give us some understanding of why we suffer here on earth.  We will seek to draw nearer to our Savior through our pain.  My prayer is that God will reveal His purpose to you through your trials.  And above all else, my passion is for you to come to know Him deeply as the God who really does care.

            God really cares?  Are you sure?  For that is not what the world tells us.  That is not what culture tells us.  That is often even not what our churches or other Christians tell us.  We are more likely to hear comments such as these: 

“You must have done something to rouse the wrath of God.  God uses these things to punish us.  What is God punishing you for?  What is God trying to tell you?”

“God never wants anyone to suffer.  Just believe it, and claim the victory over your suffering!”

“The Bible says to be joyful in everything and to give thanks in everything.  Are you thanking God for this situation?”

“You are suffering because your faith is just not strong enough.” 

“Cheer up.  It could be whole lot worse.”

            What sorts of comments have you heard?  Have they been helpful – or have they driven you further from God?  I would love to hear from you.